With the exception of places such as Columbia’s Five Points, where college bars replaced restaurants and retail businesses to create a concentration of establishments that the state constitution prohibits, most communities would be saddened to lose what supporters call “venues.”

Live music venues can be particularly valuable additions to our communities, and along with bars they can contribute to making tourist destinations a little more attractive, and a little more profitable for the state of South Carolina.

So we sympathize with organizers of the Save SC Venues campaign, who say music clubs, bars and even restaurants are being driven out of business because of skyrocketing liability insurance rates. As The Post and Courier’s Parker Milner reports, the average liability policy for these businesses has ballooned from about $5,000 to $25,000 in the past six years, with some struggling to buy policies for less than $100,000 a year.

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Photo Source: The Post and Courier