People who want to gut one of South Carolina’s most important anti-DUI laws complain that they can be forced to pay 100% of damages in a personal injury lawsuit even if they’re only 1% responsible.

We have no doubt there’s an occasional instance of that kind of math. But let’s talk about where it hasn’t worked out that way:

Jamie Lee Komoroski took a tour of four local bars this summer, building up a blood-alcohol level of 0.26% — more than three times the legal limit — before plowing into a golf cart on a Folly Beach road, killing Samantha Miller and injuring her new husband and two others. Ms. Komoroski is of course responsible for her intoxication, but it would have been much more difficult for her to become such a deadly threat if she had to buy the bottles of liquor or wine or cans of beer and take them home to consume; those bars that profited by illegally selling her the alcohol as she became drunker and drunker certainly contributed more than 1% to the crash.


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Photo Source: The Post and Courier